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When pain starts to radiate, when you can’t perform the rep without any weight, or if you can't perform the rep with proper form, that is when you need to see a physical therapist, trainer, or doctor.

If shoulder rotations with hands at your sides hurt, don’t screw with it; you’re going to make it worse.

If you can’t lift your arm up past eye height, don’t mess with it; that’s a major injury, you probably tore something.

When you’re not sure, err on the side of caution and don’t challenge it.

What are the best exercises to properly loosen and warm up my shoulders?

When should I get my shoulder checked out by an MD? A snap or crack in the shoulder can also mean the bones could be rubbing on themselves, which could be a developing arthritic condition or a loose joint creating a “grating” sound. A snapping, popping, or other annoyance that starts to radiate, say from the shoulder to the neck or through the arm, may be a pulled/torn muscle. In that situation, stretch first, resume the same technique, and the snapping should decrease or be almost non-existent. Resistance exercises can release gas from the shoulder. If you’re doing reps and you hear a cracking/snapping on every rep, usually a muscle is tight, rubbing and causing friction around the bone.

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