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They tend to be more directed to those who are devout and those who are trying to live according to what they perceive to be their religious group’s sexual guidelines," she says, adding that a Reform Jew or a member of the United Church of Canada might be more inclined to go to a run-of-the-mill sex shop.

Religious groups have been more inclined to give guidance about sexuality since the 1980s, when birth control became more common, the status of women changed and the idea of gay rights entered the public realm, says Dickey Young, who studies Christianity and sexuality.

There were varied reactions within conservative religions to these kinds of societal shifts, she says, just like there are today in a society where pornography is just a mouse click away. When book22began, "the Christian community didn’t want to touch me with a 10-foot pole," she says.

But that quickly changed."We’ve gotten flak for this over the years — ’Why do you sell specifically to Christians? ’ " says Wilson, a certified counsellor who specializes in sex therapy and sexual abuse and trauma, as well as spirituality.

Here's something to keep in mind whilst browsing, an online sex toy shop designed especially for Christians: The code word for vibrator is "aid."And sorry, you won’t find any dildos shaped after the manhood of a porn star here. You won’t even find a pack of condoms on the subtly designed site, devoid of the typical pornographic imagery.

Book22 — whose name references the Bible's sauciest book, Song of Solomon — is dedicated to serving a growing market of married, heterosexual Christian couples who have become more open to bringing toys into the bedroom in recent years, says Oregon-based owner Joy Wilson, a 41-year-old mother of two."I think we attract people who agree that sex isn’t just for procreational purposes, who do want to stay somewhat pure and not be exposed to obscenity and pornography," she says.

And contrary to the stereotype of a modest, pious, prudish Christian woman or man, it seems God is A-OK with the faithful having a great time in the sack, according to Wilson.

"The Lord doesn’t give us a ton of restrictions."Since book22launched 11 years ago, shops selling sexy stuff to Christians have proliferated online — and similar businesses reaching other faiths have followed suit.

And in 2010, El Asira, an online sex shop that caters to Muslims, began selling massage oils and lubricants through separate Web pages for men and women.While married religious folk have (obviously) been getting it on for generations, never before has sex — and the controversial sex toy — been on the lips of the faithful quite the way it is today.And across religions, the message and mentality appears to be the same: A sexier time in the sack can lead to a happier marriage and therefore (one can pray) a stronger relationship with God. "As long as it’s something that increases the love and sexual passion between man and wife, that’s a beautiful thing."But there are limitations, Boteach says.Rabbi Shmuley Boteach devotes an entire chapter to sex toys in his bestselling book Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, published 12 years ago and credited, at the time, for bringing Jewish teachings on sex to the broader public."If married couples want to use a sex toy, more power to them. Pornography — as evangelical Christians and Catholics, Orthodox Jews and observant Muslims might agree — has no place in a married relationship."Porn does not increase (a couple’s) attraction to each other," he says."It serves as an artificial barrier exciting them about strangers."Judaism celebrates sexual passion between husband and wife and it "takes female sexuality very seriously.""A husband has an obligation to pleasure his wife.

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So whether that’s through direct physical contact or with a sex toy, Judaism doesn’t shun that at all," Boteach adds.

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