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Search engines will automatically discover most reports, meaning that within just a few days or weeks, your report may be found on search engines when consumers search, using key words relating to your Ripoff Report.

Search the Ripoff Report before you do business with retail stores with bad return policies, checking & credit theft, rebate fraud or other unscrupulous business policies such as phony auto repairs, auto dealer bait-and-switch tactics, restaurants with bad service or food, corrupt government employees & politicians, police corruption, home builders, contractors, unethical doctors & lawyers, online stores that sell non-existent products, dead beat dads & moms, landlords & tenants, fraudulent employment & business opportunities, and individual con artists who scam consumers.

Many law firms and law enforcement agencies utilize Ripoff Report to aid in their investigations of business practices.

By filing a report, your information may aid in pursing civil or criminal proceedings against companies engaged in wrongdoing.

Ripoff Report has been contacted by almost every state Attorney Generals office, U. Postal Inspectors office, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, FBI, FTC and local and state authorities, including those in Canada, UK, Australia, and other government agencies around the world.

Quite often the media is interested in the reports you filed and ask us to assist in their investigations giving you the publicity needed to help your cause.

We offer you, for FREE, the opportunity to file a REBUTTAL to any report. ” at the top of the specific Report you wish to comment on or the “Respond to this report!

” button at theend of the specific Report you wish to comment on).

Every company receives complaints, but how they handle those complaints separates good business from the rest..

I purchased thousands of dollars worth of Heavy Equipment from the "Motley Industrial Auctions." In Virginia and I purchased a collector car from the Barrett Jackson auction in Moohegan, all through Proxibid.

part of Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,.

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