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They are artists, dancers, singers, poets and journalists, teachers and scientists.

More and more Latinos are becoming entrepreneurs and businesspeople, contributing to the wealth and economic well-being of the nation.

But they have also been characteristically humble, and have not spoken enough about their accomplishments and the contributions they have already made to the fabric of this nation.

Rafael worked in the copper mines for long periods of time. Wanda Garcia Juany Garza Robles Margarita Garza Garza Sid Gauna Val Gibbons Juan Marinez Juan Martinez Le Roy Martinez Irene Mendez-Tello Alva Moore Stevenson Dorinda Moreno Armando Monte Geneva Moya Sanchez Paul Newfield III Rafael Ojeda Michael A. Latino voices are being heard, and their economic impact is being felt in the marketplace, which is good for the whole of the nation. Many barely live above the poverty line, but many others have entered the ranks of the middle class and are contributing mightily to the culture as well as the economy. Our nation will thrive as our largest minority flourishes.

Geromina was alone when she went into labor with her second child and climbed a mule leading to Juarez, giving birth to my grandmother Micaela, May 8, 1888. Cynthia Camacho Bill Carmena Gus Chavez Yomar Cleary Rick Cochran Mita Cuarton Raoul De La Sota Joan De Soto Armando Duran Cepeda Jim Estrada Maria Teresa Everett Angelo Falcon Juan Farias Mary Garana Allen Kathy Gallegos Lino Garcia, Jr. Olivas Guillermo Padilla Origel Kent Paterson Jose M. Rosar Norman Rozeff Tom Saenz Roland Salazar Nunez Benicio Samuel Sanchez Jose R. Contrary to what may be a popular belief, most Latinos in America today are U. It's important to remember that, particularly in tough times such as these.

The painting is being exhibited in the Mexican- rooted art form of the ex-Voto, curated by Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Bill Carmena Lila Guzman Granville Hough John Inclan Galal Kernahan J. Martinez Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. Latinos have many role models, and now we have one more: Justice Sonia Sotomayor on the United States Supreme Court.

Sotomayor and I grew up at the same time in similar circumstances. I was raised poor, in a tenement building in Union City, New Jersey, the son of Cuban immigrants.

My mother was a seamstress; my father an itinerant carpenter. I never dreamed that one day, I would be elected as one of 100 United States senators in a country of 300 million people, and be able to cast my vote in favor of the confirmation of an eminently qualified Hispanic judge who lived across the river from that old tenement in Union City.

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It was a proud moment for me, one I will always remember as a highlight of my time in the Senate.

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