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I don't mind accepting favours without strings attached... Added a new shop review, a new Q&A, updated the information on Marquis magazine.Changed the workings of the web-version of the big supplier list to avoid having to download everything for a single entry. Rewrote the Lst Maint program so it now can generate a special HTML-version of the full supplier list with a quick index that sends you directly down to the main entry.Text coversion program that from now will treat the HTML'ized source for posting to the newsgroup.February 22nd, 1996 Posted monthly (if possible) on the 22nd of each month in, alt.answers and news.answers - or when significant updates require it. Send suggestions, additions, updates and corrections to me and it'll be included in this document.The contents of this document is a compilation and paraphrasing by me of the information supplied by the readers of this newsgroup.

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