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With a smartphone app, either the maps are stored locally at the expense of a chunk of your phone’s storage, or they’re downloaded on the fly which means using up your monthly data.

With a dedicated unit, all your maps are stored locally in memory that you don't need to free up for other purposes.

Plus, if you're driving in an area with poor mobile coverage, you might find yourself stranded with no map at all, while a dedicated sat nav always has its map data.

Many cars have built-in sat navs, but millions still don't.

These days you can pick up a very basic sat nav for under £100, but with free or cheap smartphone apps to guide you, why bother with a dedicated GPS device?

Here we explain which are the best satnavs you can buy in the UK in 2015/2016.

See also: How to choose the best satnav We tested out four of the latest satnavs with 5in screens.

This is roughly the size of a smartphone screen, but if you don’t fancy carrying a huge phone in your pocket, dedicated units with 6in or 7in screens are available.

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