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“They also enjoy conversations where they’re asked for their opinion on a certain topic.

Men easily lose interest if the woman they’re chatting or emailing with suddenly makes the conversation all about herself.” Try starting with “This can not only break the ice, it also leads to a lot of deep conversations,” continues Dr. “Choose a recent event and ask how the other person feels about it.

For example: ‘How do you feel about (the election, a very popular TV show or movie, a celebrity’s recent downfall, a story in the national news)?

Or, ask a guy what the highlight of his workday happened to be in your subject line.Showing genuine interest in how someone’s week is going will set you apart from the “What’s up? Be sure to ask for a specific opinion if you go this route.“Men like a more direct approach when communicating with someone for the first time,” says Francine Kaye Acelar, editor of f you’ve messaged someone online and didn’t get a response, you might feel a little frustrated.After all, how hard is it to fire a simple “hello there! Consider, however, just how much email the average person receives in a day.

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