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)~little note about the poster~ It's my first time in a community so I am not very used to it. I'm not here to yell at you or threaten any of you, just to inform you that you should seriously fix your information. I like some of Gackts song, I don't completely hate him, but it's just toooo damn funny to mock him!! ^_^ I hope to mock Gackt together with you for the next 400 years of his existence. They are not the damn CIA, nor should they claim the threshold of wisdom, for as we all know, the media often more than not distorts our perception of a particular artist. Although, Miyavi is more deserving of the attention he gests.4.

XD If this offended anyone, before you start typing a message saying how immature I am, let me tell this: To be so angry at the babble of an immature kid like me prove that you are as immature than me. Gackt, while it may seem to people outside of Japan, is not really a j-pop/rock giant. I should know since my exchange sister is from Japan and we talk about things like this. I was inspired by a few things I read here and at the Jrockhumor community (yeah somethings are shamelessly stolen) and I decided to write a nice Harry Potter, with J-rockers, story with it. First off, I doubt he can truly play all the instruments he claims to play.

And for all of you Dir en grey's fan, it feature Kyo! Gackto is here to save us all from the blind of beeing so evil to him! He is fighting the noble cause of making girls go totally nuts! OMG Gackto, the japanese Zorro is out to save the world! And I don't like Gackt's fans' "worship him, he is the flawless music messiah, and those of u that dare to disagree MUST feel our b*tchy fangirl wrath" attitudes. and if he did, he shouldn't use it to have more girls fawning over him, claiming he's perfection.2.) he shouldn't sell his body like that.3.) gawd! ) i think he should go on some kind of show someday and play an instrument. ) i can't stand it when fangirls actually notice his quote, "i'm-so-pretty attitude" and think he's just playing around trying to be FUNNY.6.) the fact that he made a spin-off for his character in moonchild convinces me even more on his self-interest. After beeing an alien, after beeing an 300 old vampire, after beeing in malice mizer, after beeing a singer/actor/musician/maid/mow lawer our hero stirke back again with full force! But do not be afraid, vilain friends, we possess Gackto deadly enemy! With this Gackto shall forget all about his goal and will pass his other 300 next year watching himself in the reflecting glass! despite all thsi though, i like his music and his weird lyrics. I am new to this community, and I will now share my rants about Japan's so-called most poweful j-rock God. It reminds me of that stuff that Nickelodean used to name "Gak" or whatever.(now how did you think he passed all these years without us hearing of him? I must first admit that I do not hate Gackt, but I rather dislike the fact he has fangirls knowing when he takes a shit, when he has sex, what type of sex he likes, what his love life is like, etc. My Square Enix Headcannon is that all of Tetsuya Nomura’s pointy-haired lead characters are actually the same guy in various degrees of wind-tunnel-sweptuptitude, who lords over all of the other denizens of the Squarenix games like a Mafia don deciding who gets to come out and for how long.If any of the other Squenixians want to show their face in a movie spot, Kingdom Hearts Walk-on, or fighting game they have to appease the mighty King Vidjya!

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