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The following are US History Lesson Plans and Power Point mini-lessons that differentiate instruction and are available at my store on ) Learning how to Read a Map This is an MI based lesson plan with a vocabulary Power Point. Economic and political changes in the balance of power in Europe and the Americas 5. Reviewed as a geographic region-criteria to define regions, types of regions 2. You will see links that will take you to the US History Power Points and the US History lesson plans available in the unit as well as a blog article about them if you want to get ideas to help you create your own. It includes:3 levels of a vocabulary sheet that goes along with the mini-lesson Power Point with the same name. Introduction of African slaves into the Americas Exploration and Settlement of the NYS Area by the Dutch and the English Content: 1.

The development of “New England”, “New France,” “New Netherland,” and “New Spain”Effects of Exploration in America and Europe Content: Effects of exploration and settlement in America and Europe-human induced changes in the physical environment in the Americas caused changes in other places 1. Characteristics of different physical environments in the Americas and where different Europeans settled 3. Effects of weather and natural hazards on the Atlantic crossings 2. Anthropologists theorize that Asians migrated across a land bridge between Asia and the Americas 2. Native American Indians believe in indigenous development with migration patterns in both directions B. Language Iroquois Confederacy Content: Government: Iroquois Confederacy and political organizations at the village level (tribal organization) 1.

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Geographic factors affected the settlement patterns and living conditions of the earliest Americans Advanced Civilization of the Inca Content: Major Native American Civilizations in South America Location, Religion, Government, Agriculture, Technology, Achievements and Culture, Who conquered the Inca?

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