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Root Mean Square (RMS) values of both low and higher order aberrations were calculated for 5.09 mm pupil sizes.

Moreover, twelve Zernike coefficients were recorded. In addition, tear film stability was assessed for both eyes.

To measure stability time, the non-invasive Tear Deformation Time technique was applied.

After completing the aberrometry and Tear Deformation Time tests, a Plano powered silicone hydrogel contact lens (Air Optix Aqua, Lotrafilcon B, CIBA vision) was inserted into both right and left eyes.

After 15 min elapsed to stabilize the lens on the cornea, fitting properties of the contact lens were evaluated.

After achieving a good fit, the subjects were asked to stay 6 h with the lenses and perform their normal routine.

Six hour after insertion of the contact lens, wave front aberrometry was repeated for their eyes.

Statistical analysis was performed using paired t test.

Mean and standard deviation of the TDT and RMS values of low and higher order aberrations before and after contact lens insertion are summarized in The variation of optical aberrations during the lens wear can be attributed to many factors, including lens centration relative to the corneal center, lens-to-cornea fitting relationship, optical quality of the contact lens, and pre-lens tear film status.

The first two factors were controlled as much as possible during the measurements.

To evaluate tear film stability and optical aberrations in eyes wearing plano Lotrafilcon B contact lenses (CL).

Tear Deformation Time (TDT) and aberrometric parameters were assessed in 80 normal emmetropic eyes before and 6 h after wearing contact lenses.

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