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Fearful of missing out on love, Kim lies to Nicolas about the identity of Max's mother, trying to pass off Deena as the true parent.

Caught in a difficult position of dishonesty, Kim attempts to reach out to her friends, including second roommate Laura (Rachel Bilson), only to find the ladies entangled in their own lives of merriment and irresponsibility, fracturing their once unbreakable bond.

Growing to understand the true challenge of motherhood, Kim confronts maturity for the first time in her life, fearful to leave her once euphoric schedule of youthful stupidity behind.

Clearly not ready for the dating "buzz kill" that having a baby can bring, Kim eventually comes to realize that being a good parent to a precious little boy has its own rewards... Credit co-writer/director Kat Corio (a longtime actress making her feature-length debut) with the inspiration to shake up the routine, forging a dramedy about best friends and the arrival of adulthood.

fe Happens Blu-ray Review published by The easiest way to describe "Life Happens" (which is technically titled "L!

However, this isn't a terribly compelling effort, often wasting energy on dreary ideas for comedy while being too permissive with its actors.

In fact, for a movie that hopes to tickle, it actually finds surer footing expressing deep emotions, pinpointing the terror and grief that comes when pleasurably distracting routines are abandoned.

A party girl with limited responsibilities, Kim (Krysten Ritter, who also co-scripts and co-produces) takes a chance on a pro-surfer one-night stand after the last condom of the house is nabbed by roommate Deena (Kate Bosworth).

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A year later, and Kim is mother to baby Max, trying to juggle the needs of parenthood with her own dreams of success, trying to convince her unbalanced, canine-loving employer Francesca (Kristen Johnston) to invest in her dream of a mall for dogs.

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