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If you are dating someone who is not a person of faith, and you are, this is a big problem. The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas about what to do with this relationship dilemma. Not because they do not love you, their love is real, but their awareness is limited. Therefore, it creates a measureless chasm between two partners in a relationship and only one of the partners is painfully aware of this. Below I have some recommended reading they might consider. But let’s be honest here, they really can not understand how important it is. If you do not, you do not understand what the fuss is and you think those who believe are naive. We are here on this earth to help each other find meaning in life. If someone can not see there is complex stratification of reality, I would drop them like a bad habit. If you are married, understand this, everyone has the light of God in them even if they do not see in themselves. They might have some abstract intellectual understanding of the issue and respect you. If you have it, you can say to the mountain ‘move’, and it will move. However, if you date someone who understands you as a whole person, body, mind and soul than your connection will be deeper and you will have true love. It does not matter is your are smart or rich or poor and uneducated. If you do not have this now, there are plenty of fish in the sea. It is only a relationship problem only for the person that has faith. What good is it if a person gains the world and loses their soul in the process. This is why read my lips, try to be at open to the possibility of a spiritual partnership when searching for true love. Further they do not understand why it is important to you and why you even need to bring it up.It is like trying to show a dog a rainbow (dogs are colorblind). But you do not have to push the issue, but rather gently guide them.If you are just dating, I personally would cut my loses. Two people of different natures if they stay together will often become very good friends, but birds of a feature flock together.There is no substitute for two solitudes in life that come together with this same vision.

If you do not share this commonality I would recommend getting a new partner to date.I know this sounds radical but if it does not affect you now it will in the future.Romantic love brings people together that never were meant to be together.Every day together is like stitching together patterns which do not match, and it will be subsequently harder to tear apart.Try online dating and screen for belief, or go to countries like Italy, Romania, Poland, Greece, Western Ukraine, India, Turkey any Middle Eastern or Latin American county as well as Africa.

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