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Here the traffic informatory board reads: ‘Kharagpur and Mumbai – on left’ (while going onto a flyover).

The total drive would take roughly 4 hours from Kolkata. At the end of Kona Expressway turn left to enter NH-6.

Thereafter, continue straight on NH-6 and cross the toll tax plaza at Dhulagori, Uluberia and Kolaghat.

Thereafter continue straight towards Kharagpur and cross Deulia, Mechogram, Debra toll tax, Basantpur, till you reach the bifurcation on NH-6 just before Kharagpur town.

Just as the car took the final turn on the dusty trail, a brown stone wall suddenly emerged on the horizon, indicating our journey has come to an end.

Each of us felt the sheer joy of discovering a treasure hitherto unknown, tucked away in oblivion by the passage of time.

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