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Motorcycle enthusiasts who’ve gathered for Avalon Resort’s annual Bikes, Blues and Barbeque event are happy after having returned from a scenic ride through the mountains to nearby Romney – especially because they’ve raised about ,000 to be donated to Wounded Warriors.

Now that the bikes have been lined up and are ready to be judged, owners spend time sharing stories and swapping pointers about how to best maintain their beloved rides.

At one point, a man excitedly begins to share how he discovered that a certain type of cheap, cleaning pad works great to remove gunk from his Harley Davidson’s chrome parts.

In fact, there’s no reaction other than a friendly greeting.

Even when a newcomer tours the community, nudist property owners – whether townhouses or private homes – continue with their daily activities (eating lunch, watering flowers, or just doing some sunbathing) as a visitor passes by their porch or yard.

It’s the same at both pools – one indoor, the other outside – and everywhere else on the expansive property that was once a Church of God camp – the same acreage that’s now devoted to nudists.

Ironically, there’s still a spiritual sense here because members maintain a healthy respect for all others ( and their bodies) because everyone starts out in life naked, said Steve, who is wearing only a Pirates baseball hat.

“We all come into this world naked, and it really is very natural.

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