Add service reference not updating web config

I tried this and its a good solution for internal clients. Usually consumers of the service are outside of the network.

Now you have to give them access to you network to access the that is added as reference?

Your app ‘works on your machine’ and you push it out. It seems this is still a common frustration and people are trying to solve it in different ways. To String(address Count) + city Name;}sql = "INSERT INTO my.addresses " +"(address_id,city,address) " +"select my.address_seq.

You start cursing Microsoft and the Silverlight team and add to the threads in the forums or perhaps initiate a new wishlist item for the team and throw it out on Twitter and encourage votes.

You forgot that your service reference had your local URI endpoint in there and when you moved it to staging and/or production it failed. Close();return "Unable to insert into your addresses table";}catch(Exception exp){return exp. ";}}No message is returned, which means the table was empty, there was no error otherwise the exception error would have come up. Does this solution work for you with Anonymous access disabled in IIS?

I’m going to throw out what is my preferred mechanism and add some additional tips and tricks here that hopefully some are using. You have a Silverlight application and a web service. To Int16(reader[0]);}if address Count 0){connection. NEXTVAL,'Houston','123 My Street' from dual";command.

In fact, you may be struggling because you may push your code out via automated build servers and you don’t want to have to build the XAP, then change something, blah blah. For instance, here’s how I have the code in this project: Now I just have to make sure that my compile tasks add those conditional flags. You could use Visual Studio’s Configuration Build Manager to create new profiles, or you could also customize an MSBuild task to append those constants.

It is simple and there are plenty of resources to help you here. Receive Timeout = Timeout End If Catch ex As Exception End Try End Subthat way it initialises the service reference and uses the value in there to link into the endpoint. The service has no problem performing select and any DML SQL statement in the development environment.

For my project I simply customized (added) new configuration profiles in Visual Studio and have been manually switching them to test. If you have a simpler solution where your service is being served up in the same web application/site as your Silverlight application, then you have a simpler solution using Silverlight 4. The infrastructure team uses powershell & msbuild to automate the configuration changes during forward or backward migrations between environments. But after deploying the application the INSERT statements never even get to the Oracle server. The SELECT statements work just fine.[Operation Contract]public string Insert Uds Boundary(string city Name){using (Oracle.

When you add a service reference via the option in Visual Studio, you get a new file in your Silverlight application called Service References.clientconfig.

This contains the binding and endpoint configurations for the service you just referenced. By default it adds the configuration for the literal endpoint you just referenced (think absolute URI here…most of the time in development this may be Then it will be using the default endpoint it creates (which would only be one of them unless you add custom ones like I did above).

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Now that you know that the client config file can have multiple configuration endpoints, how would you use them? If you take a look at the proxy code that gets generated for you when you (this is in the file when you use the ‘show all files’ option in VS) you’ll notice that the constructor for Hello World Service is overloaded to allow and endpoint configuration, or optionally explicit binding/endpoint address information.

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