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Obviously, the first type is more popular because you don’t have to pay anything.

Gone are the days when online dating was looked at with suspicion because of its derogatory connotations of being the last resort for losers who couldn’t find a date in the real world. Instant and Effective In the fast-paced life of people these days, it is no wonder that online dating has become so popular.Given that everyone is so busy they have very little time to socialize.And, that little time they would want to spend in the company of someone they can relate to, instead of wasting on the peripherals involved in real-world dating.Online dating offers the convenience of searching for that ideal someone even before you make introductions. All you have to do is to submit a personal profile of yourself to the dating site database.They will match your profile with other users within the same dating database, and inform both parties. The number of matches made on any dating site depends on the sex ratio, which is generally not perfectly balanced.

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For instance, there may be fifty-eight percent female members on a particular site as against forty-two percent male while on another site the reverse may be closer to the situation.

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