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A collection of documents (primarily in Latin, some in Greek) on the lives of Christian saints.

The database contains the text of the sixty-eight printed volumes of Acta Sanctorum published from 1643 to 1940 by the Société des Bollandistes. Includes population, housing, and other social and economic data from the decennial census of population and housing, the economic census, and from annual surveys and estimates programs.

Can be cross searched with the Patrologia Latina database. Streaming audio, various genres of traditional American music.

Indexes over 2,000 scholarly journals to find citations for appropriate articles on your topic in American or Canadian history, from prehistory to the present. For other parts of the world, use Historical Abstracts. Included are songs of the civil rights movement, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, etc. Full digital access to the Early American Imprints Series I, II, and supplements.

36,000 titles on 17th and 18th century American life.

Includes most books printed anywhere during that time period about America.

Full text access to Annual Reviews publications in 40 disciplines in the sciences and social sciences.

Synthesizes the vast amount of primary research literature and identifies the principal contributions in a given field.

Search and view selected items from the world's largest collection of photographs of ancient Greek painted pottery.The Bibliography of British and Irish History provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British Empire and Commonwealth, during all periods for which written documentation is available - from 55BC to the present.Provides over 75,000 articles including 23,000 biographies, headlines from major newspapers and full-text articles from over 700 magazines.Coverage dates back to the first volume, which varies for each publication.Anthropological Fieldwork Online is a primary-source database that unfolds the historical development of anthropology from a global perspective—with archival collections from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific — including key field notebooks, images, and recordings from major scholars in anthropology from the early- to mid-20th century. Indexes journal articles and other academic publications owned by Harvard's Tozzer Library and the Royal Anthropological Institute.

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