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A: Runners are like the players of a team sport (soccer, baseball etc.).

They are assigned a specific running assignment (or position) by the team captain and they pitch in before the relay to help the team captain whenever needed.

Q: What kind of vehicles do our team vehicles need to be?

A: Team vehicles need to seat at least 6 seat belted passengers but no more than 15 (typically vans, minivans, SUV’s or 4 door trucks). Q: What’s the best way to assign runner assignments (who runs what legs)?

Any individual or team that chooses not to follow our safety rules will be immediately disqualified from the race. In the event of an injury or illness a member from that team may step in and run the injured teammates legs. VEHICLE 1 Runner 1 runs legs 1, 13, 25 Runner 2 runs legs 2, 14, 26 Runner 3 runs legs 3, 15, 27 Runner 4 runs legs 4, 16, 28 Runner 5 runs legs 5, 17, 29 Runner 6 runs legs 6, 18, 30 VEHICLE 2 Runner 7 runs legs 7, 19, 31 Runner 8 runs legs 8, 20, 32 Runner 9 runs legs 9, 21, 33 Runner 10 runs legs 10, 22, 34 Runner 11 runs legs 11, 23, 35-Updated 5/30 Runner 12 runs legs 12, 24, 36-Updated 5/30 LEGS 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 *The difficulty rankings (mild, moderate, hard and very hard) were calculated based on elevation ascended, elevation descended and leg length.

The safety of our runners is too important for any error on this topic. Pacers, drivers or volunteers may not step in to run the injured teammates legs. 1) St Paul, OR — St Paul High School 2) Silverton, OR — Old Silverton High School 3) Scio, OR — Scio High School 4) Corvallis, OR — Corvallis High School 5) Harrisburg, OR — Harrisburg United Methodist Church Finish Alton Baker Park, 501 Day Island Rd, Eugene, OR 97401 Showers ( per shower as a donation to the school) Vehicle Exchange 2 (Exchange 12) – Old Silverton High: showers open on Friday, June 17th from 2pm-6pm Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18) — Scio High School Sleeping Sleeping areas will be zoned off at Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18) —Scio High School and Vehicle Exchange 4 (Exchange 24) — Corvallis High School and at Vehicle Exchange 5 (Exchange 30) – Harrisburg United Methodist Church.

NOTE: It is important to remember that none of the roads will be closed to vehicular traffic during this relay. Please note these areas will be outside so we recommend bringing outdoor sleeping gear. Grocery For novices and veterans of Epic Relays, training for a relay race such as this can be a daunting task.

With that in mind, the following safety rules apply to all participants: 1. Team vehicles must seat at least 6 seat belted passengers but no more than 15 and be less than 20′ long. Not only is it tough work, but knowing how much and what kind of runs to do can be tricky due to the unique nature of the race.

This will take place at the Relay Start for runners in Vehicle 1 and at Exchange 6 for runners in Vehicle 2. All runners will be required to run on the shoulder or sidewalk and face oncoming traffic unless otherwise specified (run on same side of the road as the cones). All state and federal traffic laws apply to all runners, drivers and pacers. Any changes to your team after May 24, 2017 will result in a processing fee per change and a 2017 Epic Oregon Relay Runner/Volunteer Substitution Form must be completed for EACH runner/volunteer substitution and handed in at the Relay Start Check In. Between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am all runners will be required to run with a headlamp, a blinking LED light and a reflective vest. Participants will not be allowed to cross a road with more than 2 lanes unless at a designated crosswalk. Pets are not permitted to participate with runners on the course. The waiver must be handed in at the Relay Start Check In by the team captain with the runner, driver and volunteer waivers. Runners must always wear their team race number on their front while running. RV’s or motor homes are not permitted at the Exchanges. Sleeping may only take place in team vehicles or at designated sleeping areas (Exchanges 18 and 24). On the other hand, having to run these legs 3 or 6 times (depending on whether you are on a regular or ultra team) makes the race much longer and therefore maintaining that fast pace on each leg becomes much more difficult.During these hours runners will not be allowed to begin their legs without these items. Between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am every participant outside the team vehicle must be wearing a reflective vest except for at a designated exchange. In other words, running an Epic Relay becomes a combination of a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and for some a marathon or even more, all wrapped in one. Teams must fill out the 2017 Epic Oregon Relay Team Time Record and submit it at the Relay Finish Line to be eligible to win. Teams must keep to the Team Roster Form unless someone gets injured. Teams will only be allowed to aid their runner on the course during legs designated as “Support Legs”. Volunteer options cannot be changed after May 24, 2017.The training programs below seek to provide runners with guidance in order to be prepared for the overall distance of the race while at the same time training to achieve fast times on each individual leg. Q: How are start times determined and when will they be announced?A: Start times are determined by each team’s average min/mile pace.

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Slower teams will start earlier so that everyone finishes within a couple hours of each other.

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