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The point of the script is to make a div visible and the code I've suggested does that.The div can contain an image or text or other divs or anything you want.Two years after his excellent Corrupião, composer/singer/instrumentalist Edu Lobo, one of the few modern composers in Brazil who hadn't adhered to the easy formulas for quick commercial success, brings new interpretations for his songs in this Brazilian ballads acoustic album.Besides his 11 compositions, Meia Noite contains "Estrada Branca" (Tom Jobim/Vinícius de Moraes), superbly orchestrated by Cristóvão Bastos.The album also has the brilliance of the virtuoso violonista Marco Pereira (adequately discrete in his interpretations to keep the balance with the overall subtlety), the bronze voice of Milton Nascimento expressing the exquisite tenderness of "Beatriz" (recorded for the first time by Lobo), and Dori Caymmi's violão and voice.

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"Perambulando," a choro, for a change of pace, is moderately swinging in this instrumental rendition.

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