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W ciągu 28 dni cały kraj zostaje ogarnięty zarazą, a zdrowych pozostaje zaledwie garstka ludzi. Starają się przetrwać, ale życie pokaże im, że to nie wirusa powinni bać się najbardziej, ale samych ludzi...1. Jeżeli chcesz zabić Zombie zawsze strzelaj w głowę. Ale nie musisz pamiętać o tym podpunkcie gdyż kilkakrotnie przypomni ci o tym sklęty jak skuwrysyn Komandos z twojej grupy: „Celuj skurywsynom w głowę! The most striking feature of Danny Boyle's new film is the solution it proposes for traffic jams.Forget a congestion charge; just start a plague going. On the other hand, empty roads all over London are the most improbable thing about 28 Days Later.When animal liberationists raid a Cambridge lab and release chimpanzees infected with the "Rage" virus, and the entire population of the UK catch it and turn within seconds into raving zombies, you expect the capital city's streets to be cluttered with the dead or dying, abandoned vehicles and crashed cars, and bulldozers pushing the cadavers into mass graves the way Mad Cows were.

Society has collapsed, we're told, the population has been evacuated, even oranges and apples are rotting in Budgens; but where has everyone gone?A church crypt suddenly discharges an extant tribe of rabid ravers, covered in mange and blood and hungry for the kill.But the scene of desolation, though impressively digitally simulated, should be teeming with the nutters. What action he sets going, however, is B-picture banal.Our goal is to provide high-quality video, TV streams, music, software, documents or any other shared files for free!If you have any other trouble downloading o grod k oncentracyjny dwa dni pozniej post it in comments and our support team or a community member will help you!

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